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What is Recreational Soccer

Monticello Soccer Club Recreational League Program Description

The Monticello Soccer Club (MSC) was established in the spring of 1995 by a group of parents interested in providing boys and girls with the opportunity to play soccer. MSC is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing sportsmanship, teamwork, discipline and physical skills through soccer. A major goal of the club’s recreational league program is to provide all kids with the opportunity to play soccer at a fun and recreational level. Participation in MSC's programs has grown from 260 participants in 1995 to nearly 800 in 2013; this includes our recreational soccer program, tot soccer, and competitive leagues. There are bylaws and a Board to direct and manage club activities. All staff are hardworking volunteers and all fees go directly toward club activities.

Gear: A soccer ball is required for practices, U6-U8 use a size 3 ball while U9-U12 use a size 4.  Shin guards must be worn under a player's socks at all practices and games.  Soccer cleats are optional but highly recommended for better traction on the wet grass.

Modifications: Small-sided game modifications are made for the recreational program. The size of the playing field, players per side, size of ball and the goal is reduced in size to match the size of the players. Small-sided games are favored for the following reasons:

1.     Skill development is enhanced because of frequent contact on the ball.
2.     Fast acting fun with more actual playing time and real game action.
3.     Excitement is promoted by less time to achieve or advance the ball towards the goal.
4.     Exercise is critical since players play both offense and defense.
5.     The available field space is better maximized to serve all youth.
Coaching: We depend on our volunteer coaches. If you are willing to coach your child’s team you will receive a refund of one registration fee at the end of the soccer season (fall).  We have training opportunities and information available to our coaches.
Rec Coordinators:  Just as we depend on volunteers to coach we also depend on volunteers to run the rec program.  This new volunteer position will help with field preparations and other little tasks on their scheduled practice night and scheduled game time.  At the end of the soccer season (fall) volunteers will be refunded one registration fee.  All training provided and further information is available by emailing the Rec Director at RecDirector@rivereagles.org.
Practice Times: Practices will always take place on either a Tuesday or a Thursday from 5:45pm to 6:45pm. Families may request same day practices when having multiple children in the program. Practice times may vary depending on team/coaching needs, please check with your child's volunteer coach for more information
Game Times: All games are on Saturdays at either at 9:00am or 10:30am.

Grade/Gender Divisions: Divisions are set by birth year, Kids that are turning 6 through 12 years from the current year are eligible to play recreational soccer. 
Seasons:  The Recreational League seasons run Spring, then they are off in the summer, and start up again in the fall, with the spring session starting  April 17th and last day is June 2nd. There is no game on the Saturday of Memorial weekend.  The fall session starts the week of Sept 4th and ends Oct 13th.   Teams are randomly  selected prior to spring session, and teams stay together through the fall session. The season concludes with a fall Jamboree, which is held the last Saturday, Oct 13th, of the season. 
The Jamboree:  provides multiple games per team, and all participants will receive medals. The jamboree is our main fund raising activity for Recreational soccer, Money made through concessions sales goes back to the program.

Cost:  The recreational league costs $80.00  for the entire season.  Partial season, spring or fall, cost is also $80.00.


We have decided to make a change to our Recreational uniforms that will allow us to provide a better experience for our players and save families money.  We have switched to a reusable red and black reversible jersey.  Players will be able to reuse their jersey until a new one is needed due to size or condition.  Parents may also sell or exchange jerseys between family or friends.  The cost of the uniforms will no longer be included in the registration fee, allowing you to save money each year and we have reduced the registration fee accordingly.

A full kit of reversible jersey, black shorts, and black socks will be available for purchase at the indoor facility for $34.  Items will also be sold individually as needed.  For your convenience you may also purchase your items below to include the cost in your monthly payments.  Please indicate what size(s) you will need so we can try to keep proper inventory on hand.  You will have opportunities to have your player(s) sized at the indoor facility to ensure a proper fit. 

We will have fittings scheduled at the facility over the winter months, we will let you know what days those will be. You can pay for your uniform in full or have it added to your payment plan, please select sizes, these can be adjusted after you have been sized for the uniform at our uniform fitting sessions.  For those doing rec soccer more than one year you will not have a uniform cost every year, once you purchase the uniform you can use it as long as it fits.

You can use current Black shorts and socks if you have them. Below you will be able to order the complete Uniform kit of Jersey, shorts and socks or you can purchase only those parts that you need. Shorts and socks will also be available at the facility if you need to purchase them later.

Safety Notes: For the safety of all players the following important items should be noted.
1. No jewelry is allowed to be worn during games and practices. This includes ear ring studs from new piercings. Do not get your child's ears pierced before the season starts, either do it far enough in advance of the start or wait till spring is over and have it done between sessions.
2. Shin guards are required for all players.
3. Soccer cleats are recommended but not required, the grass gets slick when wet and cleats will prevent a lot of unnecessary falls. Non-soccer cleats will not be allowed!