soccer ball is required for practices, U6-U8 use a size 3 ball while U9-U12 use a size 4.  

Shin guards must be worn under a player's socks at all practices and games.  

Soccer cleats are optional but highly recommended for better traction on the wet grass.


Small-sided game modifications are made for the recreational program. The size of the playing field, players per side, size of ball and the goal is reduced in size to match the size of the players. Small-sided games are favored for the following reasons:

1.     Skill development is enhanced because of frequent contact on the ball.

2.     Fast acting fun with more actual playing time and real game action.

3.     Excitement is promoted by less time to achieve or advance the ball towards the goal.

4.     Exercise is critical since players play both offense and defense.

5.     The available field space is better maximized to serve all youth.

We attempt to base our small sided games MYSA rules, but some age groups  may be combined in which case some kids may not be following the suggested paramerters for their age group. 

The MYSA small sided game chart can be found here, and additional info from MYSA can be found here.